5 Easy  Reasons to Consider Greener Living

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world globe kangen.jpgThere are so many rewards to living a greener lifestyle.  I understand it may be difficult especially in our world of fast, now, convenient and disposable lifestyles.  Just for a few moments think about our beautiful planet, your health, what we leave behind for future generations and feeling good about making green choices for our planet.  Our home!

What does it mean to be green? It means to make earth friendly choices, using and consuming products that are healthy for our bodies, homes and the environment.

I have wondered if green living is a trend or is it a lifestyle that we should incorporate into our daily lives, no matter how small we start.

Begin with your personal space!  Ponder a few questions.

Is your home a chemical plant?  Do you use chemicals for cleaning, to beautify your yard and care for and support your body?

These are some ideas I considered when I began my journey to living a greener life:


I own a Kangen® water ionizer and this was painless for me.  I use high pH 11.5 water and I added these items to my pantry.  White vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and my favorite essential oil.  You can clean your entire home with these products.  Do not forget to use Kangen® beauty water to clean all of your glass, mirrors and windows.

Use washable cloth.

I have always loved cloth napkins.  One of the first changes I made was to go revert to using cloth napkins and dish clothes instead of paper napkins, towels, plates, cups and plastic utensils.    This small change reduces your footprint on our planet in gigantic ways.

Halt! Stop drinking bottled water.  

There is so much information that supports using healthy water and eliminating the plastic bottle waste.  Those bottles will be around for centuries.  Yes, I did say centuries.


No more Roundup. 

Can you hear me screaming it?  I weed often because I love it.  When I have an area of stubborn weeds or grass I want to get rid of I use this old tried and true method. I overlay the area with a broken down cardboard box.  I soak the box with water and make sure the sun cannot seep through.  It takes about a month for the area to become weed or grass free.  It is painless and non-toxic to our environment.

Personal care products can be a challenge as well.

The United States Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated over 85% of beauty care products on the market.  Therefore, it is up to you to research the beauty products you use.  Know this with certainty, most skin care products contain chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrances, parabens and fillers too.  One of the changes I made is with my shampoo.  I prefer short hair and I use baking soda mixed with high pH water.  I wet my hair and work the baking soda mixture through and rinse as usual.  It worked really well for me.  Kangen® water ionizers make a beauty water that with an acidic pH that my skin loves.

There are many recipes on the internet for making organic personal care products.  There are hundreds of small ways that make a giant impact on our planet.  This article is meant to spur your thinking. You can start small at home, begin a community outreach program or join one that is ongoing.

The past generations left a beautiful planet for us to enjoy, consider doing the same for generations to come.

Honor yourself!


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