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Here you will find a good resource for all things water and about us as well.   I have made it a point to add interesting topics to my blog that will educate you and help you think your way through the maze drinking water has become.

Clean, healthy and fresh drinking water is our most important and precious resource.  More of a treasure than gold, diamonds and oil.

Each of us could live very well without having at our disposal and use gold, diamonds and oil.  We could not however, live very long without water.

There are so many types of water and not all water is the same.  In this blog we will explore the different types of water and how these differences can affect our health, well-being and our planet.

I am a retired registered Respiratory Therapist with over 30 years’ experience in the medical field. I began my journey into nutrition over 20 years ago starting with the use of vitamins, minerals,  herbs,  aromatherapy, exercise, reading  and educating myself on the subject.  I was getting older and  I knew if I wanted to feel good  and be healthy I had to catch up.

I am thinking back to when I started walking with my neighbor, Yvette.  Yvette was in such good shape and she was a very patient walking companion.  We would hold conversations even though I was walking 10 feet or more behind her.  I could not keep up.  Eventually, after many months of walking, we are walking side by side.  This was a big accomplishment for me.  I have continued my journey into health and wellness.  It has paid huge dividends to me.

I was faithful to many established health regimes; I took my herbs, vitamins and minerals with exercise and always felt there was a missing link somewhere.

When I was introduced to alkalized , antioxidant, micro-clustered  water I laughed, water, really.  I got my water from coffee and an occasional bottle of water and only if I felt thirsty.   You know the brands.  Was I ever cheating my body?

I knew I was not at optimum health for my age and I knew my family history.  I did get an ionizer that makes Kangen water and the rest is history.  I was so impressed with the water, and my results, I tell the Kangen story to everyone I can.  That is how this blog came about.  I can reach more people faster and share the amazing story about Kangen water.

If you want to hear from me call directly 206-801-7443 or send a message via this blog.  Click here

Come back often for an update of straight forward and real information.

Honor Yourself!

 Harriette Blye, RRT
Kangen Water Pusher


    • Harriette Harriette said:

      Shakeesha, call me at 940-312-8085. I can give you more information at that time.

      Thank you for your interest in Kangen water

      March 31, 2015

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