Alkaline vs Alkalyzed Water Revisited

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Difference between Alkaline vs. Alkalized Water

A few weeks ago I shared a video done by Dr. Michael about this popular subject.  I thought I would elaborate more on the difference between alkaline and alkalized water.

There is one thing I can state with surety and it is this.  Commercially, companies respond to what we as consumers want.  Does this mean they respond with our health in mind or do they respond with their profits in mind?

Making alkaline water is very easy.  The recipe consists of adding bicarbonate also called baking soda to tap water.  Another way is to add organic minerals like calcium, magnesium and sodium.  (Read your bottled water labels.)    This water stays alkaline for months.  This is how bottled water companies make their pH water.

How ionizer worksAn over consumption of these inorganic minerals can cause you serious health problem.

In nature minerals that are inorganic have an electric charge.  The minerals in fruits and vegetables have this electric charge naturally.

These minerals are present in tap water. With Enagic ® ionizer’s tap water goes through a filter and into a chamber with plates that are coated platinum and.  It goes through a process called electrolysis, or within this chamber the water is electrocuted for simplification and the structure of the water is changed.   One of the end results are ionic minerals and alkalized water.

In addition to ionic minerals alkalized water contains antioxidants in the form of hydrogen and smaller water particles provide superior hydration. The increase pH water made from the ionizationprocess  cannot harm you  because it is made with electricity.

The normal pH of our blood is 7.35-7.45.  Any number outside of those ranges is very bad for your health.

Our pH get out of balance when we eat processed foods, stress from our thoughts, toxins from bottled water and tap water, the air we breathe, pesticides, insecticides  and substances absorbed through our skin.

Your body is so totally smart.  When your pH goes out of range it takes buffers, (calcium, magnesium and potassium) from your bones and muscles to bring your blood back into balance. Over time these buffers get used up and you begin to show signs of osteopenia, inflammation and many other signs of aging.

There are many imitation and knock-off ionizers on the market.  Buyer beware.  Many of these ionizers do not use high grade titanium and platinum metals.  The end result is heavy metal in your water and in your body.  This can cause all kinds of havoc in your body from your brain function to the way your toenails grow.

Kangen® water is an industry leader with many awards from the water quality industry.

Beware of what you put into your precious body.

Honor yourself!