Clean With Alkaline And Acid Water

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182207-20140130Use acid (2.7 pH) and alkalized (11.0 pH) water for many cleaning and disinfectant needs in my home.  Yes, I use Kangen alkaline and kangen acid water to clean and disinfect my home.  Just water! Stop using traditional household cleaners and disinfectants today.


Keeping our homes clean and safe is an essential component to having and keeping good health.  It is for this reason cleaning your home with toxic chemicals in not the way to optimize your health and that of your family.

If you were to glance into the cleaning cabinets of most homes, you would see many products containing chemicals such as phosphates, chlorine, acetone, petroleum, and ammonia.  Carpet and oven cleaners may contain toluene, formaldehyde, methylene, ethylene glycol, and nitrobenzene.

Consider this question; how much do you really know about the side effects, long term and short term of using these chemicals?

They are Especially Hazardous to Children.  Statistics compiled by the American Association of Poison Control Centers have found that 1.25 million children under six are unintentionally poisoned every year by common household products.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has tested only a fraction of the chemicals you use in your home for daily use. Do you depend on the manufacturer of the products used in your home to look after your safety needs?   Sadly, those companies look after the needs of their shareholders and their bottom line in the form of profits.  It is up to you to look after your safety.


When was the last time you checked the ingredients in the cleaner you are using and if you did check did you also research the ingredients to see the side effects?  Probably not, it takes time and work.

Many people, especially children, are sensitive to these chemicals. Prolonged exposure may cause headaches, depression, nausea, respiratory problems, some cancers, and even death.   There is a reason professional cleaning crews` are often required to wear protective masks to care for their respiratory systems and rubber gloves to care for the hands and skin.  Be especially careful if you are pregnant and have children in the home.

Some uses for Acidic (2.7pH) water

  • Wash your cutting board
  • Counter-tops
  • Sinks
  • Soak sponges and dish towels to eliminate germs and odors
  • On your hands after chopping onions and garlic to eliminate odors
  • Disinfect toothbrushes
  • Prevent food poisoning
  • Sterilize produce and kill bacteria on produce and cookware
  • Use for all disinfect needs
  • In the sick room and germs will not spread
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Clean minor cuts, scratches, abrasions and skin surface wounds.
  • Gargle for sore throats.
  • Use as a rinse or mouthwash to kill germs.
  • Got pink eye?
  • Rinse your hands with acid water in place of antibacterial chemical sanitizer.
  • Descale kettles,
  • Remove burned-on food from pots or pans, etc.
  • Commercial uses are many
  • Use anywhere germs you find germs!

Acidic water is not suitable for drinking. It has a pH below 2.7 and kills 99.5% bacteria, virus, mold and fungus, all germs on contact.  No gloves or mask needed when using this water.

Uses for alkaline water (11.0 pH) water

  • Clean your home
  • Soak your fruit and vegetable to rid them of pesticides
  • Soak seafood to eliminate odors
  • Soak meats to tenderize naturally
  • Polish mirrors and glass
  • Demolish dirt and grime on floors, carpet and walls
  • Clean any surface that water will not harm
  • Use in laundry instead of detergent.


This water is not suitable for drinking.  No gloves or mask needed when using (11.0 pH)  water for cleaning.

Use the Kangen Strong Alkaline and or Kangen Strong Acidic Water for all your household cleaning and disinfectant needs.

If you clean your home naturally, you will enjoy the benefits of sparkling germ free surfaces, and the peace of mind of knowing you and your family are safe.


Honor yourself!





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