How To Eat and Drink Healthy On a Budget

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How To Eat and Drink Healthy

On a Budget!

When determined to eat a healthy diet without blowing your budget there are a few things to consider.  How to eat and drink healthy on a budget is not only possible and with planning it good for your finances too.

Proper food budgeting begins before you enter the store.

Let us begin with water.

·        Water can take a bite out of your budget, especially bottled water.  Consider purchasing a Kangen® water ionizer.  This unit uses your tap water and turns it into alkaline, antioxidant and super hydrating water.  Click here for more information.

Proper food budgeting begins before you enter the store. See some ideas listed below.

·        Get a good cookbook with nutritious and easy recipes.  Check out your library, scour through magazines and go online for knowledge. Look for this book at your library, “Good and Cheap” by Leanne Brown.  This book is a wonderful place to start.

·        Make a weekly or bi-weekly food menu and use it to make a detail grocery list and do not deviate from it.

·        Eat well before you enter a grocery store.  In other words, do not shop for your grocery hungry?  You will be tempted to purchase items not on your list.

·        If you use coupons and have time to search them out use them when you shop.

·        If you have a smart phone install the app from the store you shop.  When coupons are available they can be scanned from your phone.  Check out an app for your favorite store.

·        Join a Costco, BJ’s or Sam’s club.  The cost is usually $25.00.  When you have a family buying bulk packages is a good deal.  Some folks have the cards for gas only.  Ask for a free shopping day pass to check them out.

At the store.

·        Consider buying in bulk and save.  Shop for nuts, flour, sugar, cereal, coffee, dried fruit, and pastas.  Stay away from boxed items.

·        Buy frozen vegetables.  It is cheaper, has a long shelf life and is prepped and ready to cook.  Less waste.

·        Do not buy overpriced sweet drinks and juices.  Very bad for your health and will blow your budget.

·        Look for larger value packages of meat.  Another option is to eat better quality meat and eat less meat.

·        Some stores have day old sections for meats, bread and fruit.  Do not forget to check out these sections.  They offer some wonderful surprises.

·        Are you up to cutting up a whole chicken?  It is more economical that pre-cut pieces.

·        Purchase freezer wrapping paper to keep leftovers fresh and to re-wrap meats.  Be sure to use masking tape to label.  This eliminates so much wasted food.

·        Only purchase fresh vegetables as needed.  Rinse with Kangen® water, 11.5 pH to eliminate pesticides and to maintain freshness days longer.

At home

·        Use chicken carcass to make delicious broth.

·        Get flavor from spices and herbs and make spice and herb blends to extend shelf life of your products.

·        Have a garden or consider a pot garden as well.

Economical and healthy choices to save a bundle of money.

·        Can salmon vs salmon filet.

·        Cabbage vs kale.

·        Chicken thighs vs chicken breast

·        Frozen berries vs fresh berries


Please add your favorite tips to the list so we all can learn to eat well, eat healthy, and save money.  That is a good thing.

Honor Yourself!



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