Is Your Breathing Toxic to Your Body

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Has anyone asked you to entertain the question, is your breathing toxic to your body?   If so, what does this question mean to you? Controlling your breathing is as significant as controlling your thoughts.

Let’s begin with explaining the act of breathing.  (This is a very simplified explanation). This is significant because when you inhale you breathe in life supporting oxygen that is transported to your lungs by way of your bronchial tubes and picked up by those tiny blood vessels that surround your air sacs.  This life supporting and life-giving oxygen is transported by your blood into your cells to use as energy.

As a process of metabolizing oxygen a waste is produced. Exhaling removes poisonous waste circulating in your blood system.  One of the poisons is carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide is transported by your blood vessels back to your lungs and you breathe that toxin out.

You breathe in dry air and this air is 100 percent humidified when it reaches your lungs.  As it is transported via your blood to your cells it is very important to insure you drink healthy Kangen® water.  When you breathe out it is vitally  important for the toxins to have the ability to transport out of your cells as well.  Drinking  healthy Kangen® water facilitates the transport  of nutrients into your cells and the transport of toxins and waste out.  This is done by proper hydration. The exhaled air comes out warm and moist.  This moisture is a portion of your fluid loss and has to be replaced daily with proper hydration.

Improper breathing has a general deteriorating effect on our overall health.  By carefully controlled breathing we can rejuvenate our body and remove the detrimental effects of stress and disease.

What are some of the things that affect our breathing patterns?

Panic:  What happens to your breathing when you panic?  Usually when we panic our breathing becomes rapid and shallow.   Someone may remind you to relax and take a slow deep breath in and slow breath out.  This can control your panic feeling?

Anger:   Anger and rage is usually associated with long forced breaths in and out.  The best way to get control over your anger is to control your breath.  Try it the next time you are angry.

Proper breathing can help you eliminate the following problems and challenges.

·        Anger

·        Depression

·        Stress

·        Insomnia

·        Muscle tension

·        Fatigue

·        Anxiety

·        Food cravings

·        Lowers blood pressure

·        Detoxify the body

·        Relieve pain/deep breathing releases endorphins

·        Improves your posture

·        Breathing pumps lymphatic fluids.  Poor breathing result in a sluggish lymphatic system

·        Strengthen major organs your heart and lungs

·        Better sleep

·        Better circulationbreathe deeply


There are many breathing techniques.  I do like Dr. Andrew Weil 4-7-8 breathing exercises.  Dr. Weil demonstrates how to do his breathing technique.  I also like Dr. Christaine Northrup technique.  She believes  taking a deep breath in and exhaling short rushed burst of air from your nostrils.  It is like ridding yourself of problems, toxins, difficulties and apprehension you are facing.

No more breathing only from the top of your lungs.  Proper breathing is so important to the health of your entire body.

When you are calm your breath is slow and steady, when you are happy you will have long inhalations and long exhalations.  Please share your breathing techniques with us.

Honor yourself!


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