Kangen Water for Seniors

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Senior woman drinking water in the morningIf you are considered a senior I have one question for you.  What is the one most important thing you can do at this moment to improve your health?  Drink a glass of water of course.  Better yet drink a glass of Kangen® water.  Keep water with you at all times.  Kangen® water for seniors is the way to go.

In a recent study over 30% of seniors were found to be dehydrated and their body’s ability to conserve water is reduced as well.  When seniors are ill and admitted to the hospital that percentage rises substantially.

Some seniors prepare and consume large amounts of processed foods, convenience foods along with refined sugars in place of fresh whole foods, fruits, soups and vegetables consequently, hydration often take a back seat and their health suffers.

We have heard of acid rain and how it wreaks havoc to our environment. Acid waste destroys the cells in our bodies much the same way.  Acid waste is flushed from our cells with water and is excreted from the human body in the form of urine, sweat and exhalation.   Waste and toxins not excreted remain in our cells causing inflammation and disease.  When seniors drink Kangen® water it goes into their cells, take nutrients in and flush acid waste and toxins out.

Seniors need an adequate supply of water to speed the repair of their cells and their recovery when they are ill.  As we age it is more difficult to maintain hydration at the cellular level.

With proper water consumption seniors have less Urinary Tract Infections, fewer falls, less constipation and Senior Minority Man Working Out Set On A White Background
cognitive impairment.  When a proper fluid balance is maintained seniors appreciate superior health and a better quality of life.  The bottom line is seniors who do not drink enough water get sick more often.

Seniors who live alone are especially at risk because they forget to drink water. If you have a love one who lives alone check on them and be sure they are adequately hydrated. It is easier to hydrate than it is to treat dehydration and its effects later.

Water is the fastest way to remove toxins from your body and to maintain health.  So, seniors why not drink up to your health.

Honor Yourself!


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