Kiss Your Annual Cold Goodbye

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couple-with-coldYou get a flu shot each year hoping to not get your annual cold.  Well there are other ways to kiss your annual cold goodbye.

These are some to preventive ways to stop the cold and flu.

  • Wash and wash and wash your hands.  I cannot say this enough.  Why?  anything and anyone you touch has germs.  Some of those germs are contagious.  You then touch your face, your hair, nose, rub your eyes and touch your ears.  Go here for good hand washing techniques.  It is imperative to teach your children the proper hand washing procedure.  after all they bring germ home from school and other activities.  Hand washing is the most effective way to stop infectious disease from spreading.
  • Use hand sanitizer correctly.  Most hand sanitizers  encourage us to rub our hands together until they are dry.  Do not ignore the top of your hands and between your fingers.  spread sanitizer up to your wrist if possible.
  • Use acid water with a pH of 2.6 or below if you have access to a Kangen® water ionizer.  Spray on and allow to air dry.  Acid water kills germs and do not damage the hands or body parts in any way.  Spray your work and home environment with acid water.
  • Keep your immune system in check because you will come in contact with infectious germs and a healthy immune system will help your body not respond and fight off aggressive invaders.
  • Stay hydrated with Kangen® water.  The alkalinity, anti-oxidants and super hydrating will keep your body in balance.  We all know good things happen for us when we are in balance.
  • If you do not have a cold or flu drink lots of water to keep your mucus membranes from drying out.  Moist mucus membranes trap viruses and toxins and you blow them out.
  • If you notice someone with flu like symptoms, move away from their environment. is to late,  I have the symptoms, now, what should I do to move this virus along?

  • Stay hydrated.  Water keeps the mucus in your nasal passages and lungs clear and thin.  If mucus is thick it is difficult to clear away.  If mucus is not cleared away easily it will clog nasal and bronchial passages. Thick mucus can cause wheezes from the chest and chronic hard cough.
  •  If you have a fever and you are sweating you are losing electrolytes and those precious electrolytes can be replaced rapidly by drinking healthy alkaline, anti-oxidant water.
  • If you are not hydrated during a cold or flu your recovery time can be much longer.
    Water works better than medicine to flush toxins and viruses out of your system fast.
  • Coffee, teas and alcohol dehydrate your body.  If you must drink those items drink two times water to replenish the water that is lost.  The exception is green tea.
  • Stay in bed. REST. Restorative sleep.
  • Chicken soup says Dr. OZ
  • If you have a sore throat with your cold or flu sip hot alkaline anti-oxidant water with a little honey to soothe the throat and add lemon for taste.  I also like to add a slice of ginger if I have an upset stomach.

Drinking lots of good living healthy water is beneficial any time however, it is especially important to drink lots of water if you have a cold or flu.  Staying hydrated is critical.


Honor Yourself!








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