Six Quick Ways To Check Your Hydration Level

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bambino beve acqua dal bicchiereYes, once again you are reading another article on hydration/dehydration.  This is because it is one of your health’s important issues that is so easy to correct.  It can make a tremendous difference in the way your body works and the way you feel.  I am giving you six quick ways to check your hydration level.

Here goes:

1.      If your Mouth is dry, you are thirsty.  Your tongue becomes thick and swollen and talking can be effected.  When you are thirsty do no reach for fruit juice or soda.  Reach for water.  Only water, (try Kangen® water) can adequately quench your thirst and satisfy your body’s need for hydration.


2.      Your muscles cramp up.  If you get muscle cramps it could be because your body is running low on its electrolyte reserve.  Your muscles need sodium, potassium and calcium to function properly. If your fluid levels are low your muscles will cramp. cramp in leg calf during sports activity Next time you cramp up hydrate with water immediately to get your electrolyte levels up. Note:  reverse osmosis and distilled water does not have electrolytes unless they have been added back in after they have gone through their processes.  Some bottle waters use reverse osmosis filtration system to clean the water and add electrolytes back in for taste. Check your bottles.



3.      Do you suffer from constipation?  If your pipes are clogged ask yourself if you drink enough water.  We know there are other reasons for constipation. Lack of exercise and medication are but two additional reasons for constipation.  Since Your body needs lots of water to adequately move waste through your body, do a quick check on your water intake.  This could solve your problem quickly.


4.       Your urine is deep yellow and odorous.  Your pee should be light amber and without odor.  Water flushes toxins from the cells.  If you do not have enough fluids in your body your urine will be concentrated with waste.   How sad is this because it is extremely preventable.  If you are a care giver check the water intake of the person you are caring for.   Reach now for Kangen® water for them and drink a glass for yourself.



5.      Are you hungry or are you thirsty?  Do you feel like snacking and you know you have eaten adequately?  Drink a glass of water instead and check if this solves your hunger problem.  Try a piece of fruit as well especially, a water filled fruit.  Water filled fruit is a wonderful way to hydrate and will satisfy your need to chew and…your desire for something sweet.Watermelon slices on the wooden table


6.      Your skin is dry and does not bounce back.  Do you want to prevent sagging skin, and enjoy youthful looking and young feeling skin?  If so, it is important to be well hydrated.  Try the pinch test.  Pinch the skin on the back of your hand.  If it bounces back quickly you are well hydrated.  If your skin is slow to snap back you may be dehydrated. Remember, this can happen if you are moderately dehydrated.  Drink up and look your best.


Honor Yourself!







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