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Welcome To My Video Page!

Here you will find videos from experts, researchers, doctors and layman.  These videos have one point to pass on to you and it is water is the most important substance on earth and  not all waters are the same.  Your body is over composed of over 75% water, your brain and blood more. You can decide to give your body the best water, Kangen water.


This video by Romi explains how alkalized water works in your body.  for our multiple finance options, please call: 206-801-7443

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Watch this before you buy any ionizer.

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So…if you think water is just water, check out this short video on the bottled water industry.

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This is the process water goes through before it reaches your faucet.

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Your Colon and Kangen Water.  This video is graphic however, it is worth viewing to the end.

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Doctors and Kangen Water

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Distilled Water, Purified Water

Do you know the difference between distilled water and purified water?  Check out this short video for the scoop and search this blog for other relevant information.


Dr, Michael explains Kangen Water


Alkaline, Antioxidant Water

More details about why you should consider adding Kangen Alkaline Water to your daily water intake.

Questions and answers about alkalyzed water.

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 This Is How To Use My Enagic SD-501 Ionizer.

I use my Enagic SD-501 many times a day for many types of drinking waters and household uses.




Where to Get Kangen Water in Seattle



What Is A Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Do you really know what you are drinking when you are consuming (water that has gone through the (RO) Reverse Osmosis water system?  Check it out here!



Harriette traveling and having her Kangen water as well!



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