What is Micro Clustered Water

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Water drops on plastic surface

Micro clustered water is exceptionally small structured molecules of alkaline water with an electric charge.  Numerous benefits have been associated with this phenomenon.  One of the main characterisc of micro clustering is hydration.  Micro clustered Kangen® water does not mean hydration however; it equals hydration, a huge component to your health and well-being.

Water covers two third of the earth and our bodies are composed of 70% water yet there is so much yet to be discovered about it.  None of us can exist without it.

Micro clustered water is energized water unlike tap water, distilled water, bottled water, filtered water and reverse osmosis water.  Think about this simplified explanation:  water molecules are clumped together like a bunch of grapes.  pink grapes isolated on the white backgroundOne of the reasons the waters mentioned above does not penetrate the cells is the size of the molecules.  Those water molecules cannot penetrate your cells because they are to large, like a bunch of grapes.

When water has gone through ionization it has an electric charge added and the molecules are broken apart and has a charge that enable the molecules to penetrate your cells and take nutrients into your cells  and remove toxins, like carbon dioxide.  Water diffuses out of your cells into your bloodstream where toxins are removed by way of perspiration, urine, bowel and water vapor in exhalation.

Water molecules are separated from a cluster by ionization and are thus smaller and carrying an electric charge. 

If you believe you are overloaded with acidic toxins there is no better way to address that problem than to drink micro clustered alkaline, antioxidant Kangen water®.  Bottom line is Kangen® water into your body and your cells and acidic toxins out.

For a simple explanation click here to see Dr. Michael video on micro clustering.

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