What Is Reverse Osmosis Water System

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If you have wondered what is a reverse osmosis water system, well, it  is a technology used to remove levels of toxic metals, chemicals and pathogens from water by pushing the water under pressure through a semi-permeable membrane.  


This is how a Reverse Osmosis Water System works.reverse-osmosis

Traditionally used for removing salt from seawater to make drinking water.

The process is:

Tap water enters the system.  Any impurities are stopped at the membrane.  Water pressure forces the water through the membrane leaving the impurities behind.  The purified water is sent to the faucet.  The impurities are sent down the drain under the sink.

Along with impurities that are removed from reverse osmosis water filter system essential minerals, Sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium are also removed.  These minerals are needed by your body for your optimal health.

The disadvantages of reverse osmosis water are:

–        Reverse osmosis water does not hydrate the body well.

–        The water is considered dead water because it lacks minerals.

–        Reverse osmosis water has an acidic pH.

–        Carbon and other filters can become contaminated with bacteria and viruses easily. 

–        For every gallon of water made by a home reverse osmosis system, 8-10 gallons of water is wasted. This water is used to back wash the system.  It causes pollution of our landfills because the plastic membrane does not bio-degrade quickly.   If you want minerals you have to add them back in and it is difficult to know how much to add.

Reverse osmosis the process used by leading water bottling plants to purify their bottle water.  Most add minerals back in to enhance taste.

If you are looking for clean, refreshing water loaded with minerals, alkalinity and anti-oxidants look no further than Kangen water.

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