Why manually cleaning your ionizer is a great idea

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Spray Coated Mesh Plate


With so much confusion online about which ionizer to buy I think it is a good idea to give you sound and valuable information that is easy to understand about cleaning your ionizer. This information is significant because clean platinum and titanium plates will make healthy drinking water.

Please consider these questions.  Is an automatic cleaning process enough?  Is a manual cleaning process enough?  What happens to my drinking water if my ionizer is not cleaned properly and often?

There are many devices on the market that clean automatically.  Some clean after each use and others clean automatically in a timed way.  An example would be to clean every (12) hours.  These machines clean by reversing polarity over the platinum and titanium plates and removing the mineral deposits sometime called scales.   (These scales are like the mineral deposits that form on your shower head or your faucets.)

Dipped Solid Plate

Alkaline water pours from the top hose on ionizers.  When the polarity is reversed, acidic water pours from the top hose and alkaline water pours from the bottom hose.  Is this enough to assure your investment is producing high quality hydrogen water?  You must make this decision for yourself.

We all live in different parts of the world using different clean drinking water systems.  After municipal or deep well tap water goes through the filters of the ionizer it enters the electrolysis chamber to make molecular hydrogen water.  In some parts of the world hard water is pervasive and the scaling is extremely difficult to remove in a few seconds of reverse polarity on the titanium and platinum plates.  This is especially true if the plates are mesh type with holes.  If the plates have holes in them and are not solid, tiny mineral deposits can easily attach to the holes in the mesh type plates.   If the plates are solid, reverse polarity process is more effective however, a few seconds of cleaning is not enough to rid the plates of the scales from mineral deposits long-term.

Reverse polarity does not address the mold and mildew that can build up inside the hose of your ionizer.  The hose is a dark and damp environment.  The hose need to be cleaned manually and frequently to prevent the growth of mold in your hose and keep mold for spreading into your electrolysis chamber.   Mold is very dangerous to your health.

It is imperative to keep your plates in pristine condition. This is done by automatic cleaning, timed cleaning, manual cleaning by the user and deep cleaning by the manufacturer periodically as well.   These (4) cleaning processes seem optimal.  If you do not clean your ionizer frequently, it cannot make an abundant of healthy molecular hydrogen water.

I have given you some food to feed your thoughts about your ionizer purchase.



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